The #1 November Trend “NO~NO”!!

img_2573 November Trend          

                         “No shave November?!”

Here is just a quick post today about something that got me to thinking today! Let me start by saying if anybody hates to shave, It’s me!!! If I could afford it, I would have electrolisis done on my entire body, with the exception of my head, lol but you get the point! As I’m taking my shower this morning, I thought, “I don’t feel like shaving today, it’s getting cold outside and it’s “No shave November” anyways, so I’m just gonna skip on that today!” It then hit me like a ton of bricks….”What are you thinking? Here you are trying to spice up your marriage and you are gonna skip out on one of the sexiest things you can do?!” I immediately grabbed the shaving cream and razor and shaved! I have to say, “No shave November” is The #1 November Trend “No~No”!!

Let me ask you, do you shave during the warmer months? Most of us do, but why? Who is it we are shaving for? For me, I shave to have soft, beautiful, and sexy legs. For who though? For the people at the beach? Not!!! I do it for me and I do it for my hubby! Soooo, with that said, why would I not do it during the winter months when me & my hubby will still be seeing my legs?!

Prickily legs don’t look or feel good to me and so, therefore I KNOW that it’s not sexy to my hubby!!! Isn’t my whole mission to trying to spice up my marriage about being sexy, touchable & lovable to my hubby? YES!!! So, there’s nothing more to even discuss on this subject, with myself at least! Problem solved! I have to ALWAYS shave no matter what month of the year it is, in order to look and feel amazing to my hubby as well as myself! Until next time my friends, Go be the “Spiced Up” Wife in your Hubby’s life!!



P.S. Go Shave those legs!! Lol


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