About Me

img_2184 Spiced Up Wife marriage & relationship adviceHey There!! I’m Kit, the “Spiced Up Wife” (in life~long training, lol)!  I share marriage & relationship advice & would be more than happy to answer any relationship questions you may have. I also share tips and ideas on spicing up your marriage, your home & your life and having fun while doing it!

 A Little Bit About Me:

My name is actually Crystal, but my friends call me “Kit”…. and well, I’m hoping we will all be friends here!😉    I’ve been married to the love of my life, Robert for going on 17 years now! Between us we have 4 amazing kids, (who aren’t really kids anymore, but will always be to me!) Nina (who will be 21 in January & is attending college) & Hunter (who just turned 16 last month) both still live at home for now! Rob & Reyna (twins who turned 22 in June) lived with their mom growing up, but are both out on their own journey in life now! We are very proud of them all!!  Oh & I can’t forget my sweet dog Jax, our mini pit/heeler! They are ALL my whole world!

I am a night owl by nature! Thank goodness hubby works nights! 😉 You won’t usually find me without my cup of coffee, but on the occasion that you do, I’ll be having my other favorite…a glass of sweet tea! FUN is my middle name!! The more fun we can have, the better! I love to play games & throw fun parties for the holidays and any other reason I can find to celebrate! With the help of my awesome Mom, I also love to make beautiful DIY crafts for my home!

I will be 41 years old next month, but I still & will always, refer to myself as a “Girl!” My sister says that I am “The Diva” of our family, lol!! I am very much a girly girl & I love it that way!  My favorite color is pink! I love feathers, lace & pearls! The more dainty, elegant & feminine it is, the more I love it! 💕

Why I Started This Blog:

So, I started this blog because I’m hoping to regain & spice up some of the simple pleasures in my life….starting by pursuing two of my many passions…..helping others and writing! I’d like to help other wives out there in their pursuit to a happy and spiced up marriage, home & life, too! I will be sharing tips and ideas, as well as marriage & relationship advice from my own experiences on marriage & parenting. There will also be DIY ideas & tutorials, how to add some fun to your life, as well as anything & everything else I can think of that has to do with spicing things up as a wife & mom!

Before I Go:

I just want to say that I am by no means a marriage counselor or anything like that. I am simply a wife, just like you, who has over 20 years of experience in marriage, divorce, parenting, step parenting and soooo much more! Any marriage & relationship advice that I give here is simply my own, from either my own experience because, “I’ve been there, done that!” Or what I think I would do if I were in your shoes! 👠

 I look forward to making lots of new friends here!!

Until next time, Go be the “Spiced Up Wife” in your hubby’s life!



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