How I Turned My Bedroom Into A Romantic Getaway

I’ve heard so many times about how important it is for your bedroom to be a relaxing, peaceful, & stress free room in your home to just get away from it all! I never really understood how true that was until I recently started my own bedroom makeover project in my mission to spicing up my own marriage.

As embarrassing as it is for me to say, my bedroom has not been that clutter free, stress free room in my home. I’m working on it though! Lol So, how did I go from my okay but somewhat messy cluttered up bedroom to the stress free, clutter free (well, almost clutter free….it’s still a work in progress, rofl!!) “romantic love fortress getaway” as I like to call it?

Well, like I said, I had started this mission of wanting to spice things up in my marriage & I’m a hopeless romantic anyways…always have been, so I started looking through Pinterest for ideas for a romantic bedroom.  I looked at soooo many bedrooms, but when I saw “the one”, I knew it immediately! I always wanted a canopy bed when I was a little girl, so when I saw it in the romantic bedrooms, I was ecstatic to say the least!!!

I knew I couldn’t spend a whole lot of money on it, so I made it a DIY project. I bought sheer white curtains from Walmart at like $5 a curtain, I got 7 of them. Then, I finally found icecyle lights at Big Lots, no one else had Christmas stuff out yet & no one seems to sell just plain white Christmas lights of any kind, all year long….at least not where I live. Can you imagine that!? SMH…. Oh & make sure to measure out how many feet you need before you go!

I didn’t do this step because I just went spontaneously to get this stuff! I bought a super long strand because I figured it was better for them to be too long than too short. Luckily, it worked out great! I had some lace ribbon, fishing line & teacup hooks on hand at home already. So, I rushed home & got to work while my hubby was still at work.

When he got home he couldn’t believe his eyes! To be honest, I was really worried that he might think it was too girly, but instead, he loved it!!!!! He even went to work the next day telling all of his coworkers about it!! Talk about making you feel like a million bucks!!!!

Anyways, the canopy can have the sides down so that you have a private closed in feeling or you can tie them back with ribbon to open it up. We now lay in our bed with our canopy & lights around us & we literally feel like we are away at our very own “romantic love fortress getaway”! It’s truly magical to say the least! I even got a wall decal of the lyrics from “chasing cars” by snow patrol….”If I lay here, If I just lay here….would you lie with me & just forget the world!”

I ended up giving our bathtub the same type of look with the sheer white curtains & lights! It makes bathtime magical now too!! We are still working on “spicing up” our bedroom…..notice I said “WE”? Yup, hubby’s even involved now!!! I will share more with you as it comes together!

If you are looking to spice things up in your marriage this is a MUST!!!! You don’t have to do the canopy if that’s not your thing, but do something to give it a peaceful, stress free, romantic feel to your bedroom! I promise it will make a world of a difference!! Oh, and don’t forget the candles!!!!

I will be posting a tutorial video on how to make the canopy bed very soon! Please stop back by to check it out! Until next time, “Go be the “spiced up wife” in your hubby’s life!”




img_2292 romantic bedroom diy canopy

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