Don’t Just Be His Wife, Be His Girlfriend Again Too!



After being married for awhile the new begins to wear off and everything in our newly married life becomes a bit routine, including our sex life.

If left unattended it can become even worse than routine, more like “stale”. You know what I’m talking about, only having sex on occasion & then its very “routine”. Same ole’ place, same ole’ position.

If you’re anything like me & my hubby, sometimes you do it just because it’s been awhile & that’s not good for our marriage kinda thing! What kind of sex life is that?!! Not the kind that I want for the rest of my life! Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing it’s not the kind you want for the rest of yours either!

Remember when you first started dating and you couldn’t keep your hands off of one another? The sex was hot & steamy every time you got together! You got butterflies every time you heard him on the other end of the phone or received a text from him. You always wanted to look your best for him when you knew he was coming over. Remember those days? I do, and I want that back, damnit! I didn’t get married for all of that to just end!!!!

I want the benefits of being his wife but I also want the benefits of still being his girlfriend, from which it all began in the first place!

I believe affairs happen many times because one or both spouses are looking for that excitement back. So, you had it once before, why can’t you have it again?

You can!!!! It just takes more work now because life has a way of taking over things & so now you have to be more intentional about doing those things.

So try the following 9 things & see if being his girlfriend again doesn’t spice things up a bit!! Trust me, I will be doing it too!!

1. Fix yourself up for HIM like you used to, Girlfriend! Remember those days when you first got together and you always wanted to look nice for HIM, bring that “you” back! Not only will he love it, but if you’re anything like me, it will make you feel amazing in yourself as well. As I’ve always been told, there’s nothing hotter than a woman who feels good about herself!!! So put some make up on & fix your hair like he likes it. Spritz on his favorite perfume of yours & be ready for him when he gets home!
2. Be Playful & Fun!!! Always keep that inner child alive!!! If he’s ticklish start a tickle fight, or a pillow fight. Play chase, hide and seek or my favorite….have a water gun fight!!! Anything fun & playful will work. Just have fun together. He will love it & so will you!!
3. Text him during the day! Let him know he’s on your mind. Send a sweet, loving or even naughty text message to him while he’s away! It will also keep you on his mind!!!
4. Touch Him Often! Hold hands! Give him a hug & kiss for no reason at all, and especially if one of you are leaving. Sit closer to him when ya’ll are just chilling out & relaxin’! Rub your fingers through his hair while you watch tv together. Physical bonds boost emotional bonds!
5. Pick him up one of his favorites while you’re out and about! Get him his favorite drink, his favorite candy bar or anything else he really likes! Surprise him with it when you get home!
6. Give him your undivided attention! This is one I really need to work more on myself too!!! When he talks to you set everything else aside. Don’t be on your phone, tablet, or computer while he’s trying to talk to you. Look at him & listen to him. Hang onto his every word like his girlfriend would & like you did in the beginning! He will appreciate it, I promise!
7. Be Spontaneous!!! Have sex someplace different than usual!!! After being married for awhile the new wears off and the girlfriend he started out with is long gone. Spice it up a bit! Come onto him in a different room in your house while the kids are out or asleep. If he tries to take it to the bedroom tell him “No, I want you right here, right now!” You’ll not only shock him but turn him on even more at the same time!!!
8. Make him a priority!!! He should be your #1 priority! If he asks you to get something done for him, make that the first thing you write down & get done on your to do list!
9. Date Your Man!!! Just because you’re married now shouldn’t mean that all of the dating and romance should stop! Actually it should be just the beginning of a life full of romance!!!  It doesn’t have to cost a dime to have a date night, you don’t even have to leave your home! Cook his favorite meal & light some candles & have a candlelight dinner. Afterwards you could watch a favorite movie together and snuggle up close like you did when you were boyfriend & girlfriend! The list of ideas can go on forever!

So, I hope you liked these 9 tips to try out in becoming your hubby’s girlfriend again! Leave comments below & let me know how it’s working out!! I’d love to hear about it!!! I will have more on making your hubby your priority as well as more date night ideas in future blogs. I hope you will come back to check them out! Until next time, “Go be the “Spiced Up Wife” in your hubby’s life!!!” 😉

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