Turn Your Friday Nights Into Fun Date Night!

img_2491 fun Date night I remember back to my teenage days, (hey, it wasn’t “THAT” long ago lol), but I remember Friday nights being the highlight of my week because that was my night of fun! So in my mission to spicing up my marriage I’m looking to turn Friday Nights into “FUN” date Night! 


  1. Grab a pillow, a water gun, a can of shaving cream (just make sure you have one for him too…lol) and go at it with a “fun~fight”! 
  2. Go to the skating rink! Even if you can’t skate, that can sometimes be even better because you will have to get close & hold onto one another!! It can be lots of fun & will definitely leave you with some fun & hilarious memories! (Doing something new together is Always a good idea!!!)
  3. Go to the Bowling Alley! See if they have a Rock N” Bowl!!! Make a group date out of it for even more fun! Play couples vs. other couples or wives vs. husbands!  Make a sexy bet for whoever wins if you vs each other! 
  4. Go to a local bar or pub and have a few drinks and be sure to play darts or shoot some pool together! I feel there’s a dance floor, dance together! Even if you can’t dance, this isn’t a dance competition, you’re just having fun together!!
  5. Go to a local coffee shop or bar that has live music! Jam out, sit close, and definitely do some smooching! 
  6. Have a comedy night at home! Watch a comedy movie, go to YouTube and watch some hilarious videos, or even a video of your favorite stand-up comedian!
  7. Turn your home into a karaoke bar and sing your hearts out!
  8. Have a game night! Turn any game into a strip game! Strip Yahtzee, Strip Monopoly, Strip blackjack, strip spades, etc. Just make up your own rules and have fun!
  9. Go to the park, yes, at night, and run and play on all the playground toys together! Take the basketball with you and shoot some hoops while you’re there! Again, make a heated up bet for the winner! 
  10. Play “Blackout Hide n’ Go Seek”…. play hide and go seek in the dark…inside or outside!  You can make this game super fun and sexy!!

So there you have it, 10 Ideas to get you started for a Friday Night Fun Date Night! You can do anything you want, just make it fun! Do a night of a combination of these ideas! The point is to spice up marriage through having FUN together again! Bring out your inner child & don’t forget to take pictures to keep & display for a lifetime! Until next time my friends, Go be the “Spiced Up” Wife in your hubby’s life!! 



P.S.  Please leave a comment and tell us all about the fun you & your hubby had! Your comments can inspire the rest of us, so please share your fun ideas with us! We really would love to hear all about it!


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