How To Be His Spiced Up Wife

img_2485 How To Be His Spiced Up Wife

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“Go be the Spiced up wife in your hubby’s life!” Sound familiar? It should, if you’ve read any of my other posts. I end every post with this little saying!

How can you do that though, if you don’t even know what it means to be a “spiced up wife”! Well, first before we get into what it is to be a “spiced up wife” let me say, “spiced up wife” is just something I came up with when thinking about spicing up my own marriage & I fell in love with it! 

Secondly, I am by no means an expert on marriage! I just like sharing with other wives out there what I have learned from my own experiences throughout 17 years of marriage & lots of research trying to keep that spark alive in us!

Everything I write here is just simply ideas I’m trying in my own marriage, right along with any of you who want to try it out in your marriage too!

So, here is what I’m trying to accomplish in being a “Spiced Up Wife” & what it looks like to me….

  • She is Sweet! She’s kind-hearted and it’s heard in her tone when she speaks!
  • She is very loving & caring and it shows in her attitude!
  • She is optimistic! She looks for the good in even the worst of situations!
  • She is her hubby’s biggest fan! His #1 Cheerleader!!!
  • She is Sexy! She radiates self confidence & takes pride in herself and the way she looks! She strives at dressing adorably, smelling good, and looking her Best for herself & for him!!!
  • She is creative! Always looking for fun, unique & creative ways to keep that spark burning bright & HOT in her marriage!
  • She takes the Best of care of her man! Having him a hot meal when he gets home from work. Having fresh, good smelling clean clothes for him to wear. Having a neat & tidy home for him to come home & relax in!!
  • She is there with a listening ear & undivided attention when he needs to vent or to just talk.
  • She is spontaneous! She does sweet, loving, and sometimes even naughty things just out of the blue & shocks his pants off!!! Lol
  • She respects & appreciates him for the small things as well as the Big!

So, there you have it! This is what being a “Spiced Up Wife” looks like through my eyes! Am I ALL of these things right now? HA!!! Not even close, but I’m definitely working on it! These are my goals that I’m trying to reach and with enough effort & determination, I will accomplish them all! I believe that my every effort towards this makes me his “Spiced Up Wife” already!!! (Or at least in the making & that’s what counts, right?) 😜

What does being a “Spiced Up Wife” look like through your eyes?  Please comment below, I’d love to hear all about it! ….And remember, “She” is whoever you say “She” is! YOU define what being a “spiced up wife” is in your marriage & then go and make it happen! 😉 Until next time, “Go be the “Spiced Up Wife” in your hubby’s life!”





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