Mrs. Mummy DIY Halloween Craft

img_2443 DIY Halloween Craft Mrs. MummyHey there!! I made this adorable & super easy DIY Halloween Craft today & just had to share it with you! As you know….(if you read my about me page), I love holidays! Holidays of all kinds! I love all of the festivities, the decorations, the foods, the family time, & the darling crafts!!

So, today I decided to make This really easy DIY mummy to set out for Halloween! While I was making it, I thought to myself…”How darling would this be if I made it a girl mummy!!!” I think she’s just precious! What do you think?

Would you like to make this DIY Halloween Craft to set out in your home? If so….



Here’s what you will need:

img_2411 DIY Halloween Craftimg_2445 DIY Halloween Craft

  • Glass Jar
  • Gauze
  • Modge Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  •  2 Different Color Ribbon (Make 2 Small Bows)
  • 2 Black Buttons
  •  White Yarn
  • Glue (Craft glue or hot glue gun) 
  1. img_2412 DIY Halloween Craft Use paintbrush to cover the jar with modge podge.
  2. img_2420 DIY Halloween CraftCover the jar with the gauze and cover in modge podge.
  3. img_2421 DIY Halloween CraftCut off any excess gauze from the bottom.
  4. img_2422 DIY Halloween CraftGlue the gauze down to the bottom of jar.
  5. img_2446 DIY Halloween CraftWrap with white yarn. Wrap around the jar in all directions. Wrap around moving up and down the jar, as well as diagonally. When you reach your desired look, cut the yarn and simply tuck under some of the other strands of yarn until firmly secure. You can also tie it off, if you prefer.
  6.   img_2443 DIY Halloween Craft Mrs. MummyUsing a hot glue gun, glue on the buttons for eyes. Glue the 2 small ribbons, one on top of the other and then glue to the jar, on top of the yarn, for a girly look!

I hope you liked this Halloween DIY craft tutorial! Please leave me a comment if you did! Until next time, Go Be the “Spiced Up Wife” in your hubby’s life!!




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