My Secret To Getting It All Done In A Days Time

Do you ever find yourself ending the day feeling like, “What is the secret to getting it all done in a days time?” See if you can relate to how my day used to look just about all the time…

The day starts off with my son running into the room with a field trip slip in his hand for me to sign & yelling he needs money for that same field trip, because of course, it’s due today! I pull out my purse for the money to find an empty wallet. Great, so now I have to stop by the ATM on the way to school!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here comes my daughter, who is in a frenzy over a red T-Shirt that she failed to mention she needed washed for that day! So I scramble around trying to now find another red T-shirt for this child to wear for “Red T-Shirt Day”! Ugh!

Does it ever end? NOPE! Here comes hubby panicking over his keys & wallet that he can never seem to find! So now I find myself also trying to help him look for his keys & wallet so that he’s not late for work!! You know, because I just hate him being in a bad mood & we definitely can’t afford for him to lose his job!

FINALLY, the kids are off to school, hubby is off to work & it’s just me!!!!! By now I’m exhausted!!!! (And the day has barely started!!!)

I look around me and see a mess of a house staring me in the face! A load of towels on the couch that need to be folded, a sink full of dirty dishes that need to be done….each person in my home seems to have a pair of shoes sporadically all over the living room floor that also needs to be swept & mopped. I have a load of clothes in both the washer & dryer that need to be done, the dog needs to be fed, and the list goes on and on!

Have any of you been here? Well, this was my life when my kids were younger & it was crazy!!! I’d had enough & knew something had to change!

That change I had been looking for came the day that I found flylady!!!! Go check her out! She is awesome!!!  You won’t regret it! Her routines are my BIG secret reveal!!

My kids are all grown now so I don’t have this same exact schedule anymore because they pretty much take care of themselves, but with a few tweaks, these routines still help me with my life today!

MY Before Bed Routine:

1. Clean the kitchen…Load Dishwasher & Wipe down table, counters, stove & sink
2. Clean the living room…15 minutes Tidy up (picking up & putting away)…have kids pick up & put away their stuff!
3. Check with family on tomorrow’s events!!!
4. Start a load of laundry….(including that red T-Shirt if tomorrow is “Red T-Shirt Day”!!)
5. Get ready for tomorrow! Lay out clothes for tomorrow! (Me & kids) make school lunches, place anything you need to go with you tomorrow by the front door (purse, backpacks, coats, etc…oh & don’t forget hubby’s keys & wallet!!!!)
6. Write my To Do List for tomorrow
7. ME TIME!!! (Take a long hot bath, read, paint my nails, watch my favorite tv show….whatever YOU love to do & just enjoy yourself for a little while!!! Refresh!!! You deserve it!!!)
8. Now Go spend some quality time with your best friend, your lover….your hubby!!!!

Now when morning comes, you have a much different day you’re starting out with…if you did your before bed Routine!

MY Morning Routine:

1. Make your bed before you ever leave your bedroom…unless of course, hubby is still sleeping! 😴2.Get dressed….(hair, makeup & shoes so you’re ready for anything the day throws at you!) Have kids do the same!                                                                                                                                                                  3. Wipe down your bathroom before you leave there. Give your sink & counters a quick wipe down & swish your toilet real quick with the toilet brush! I keep bleach in my brush holder so it always has a disinfectant on my toilet brush!                                                                                                                                  4. Have kids put any lunch items from the fridge in their lunch kits & put them by the door!!!
5. Kiss & get your family out the door for their day!!
6. Reboot your laundry that you started last night!
7. Take out & feed pets!
8. Sweep & swiffer floors! This makes a HUGE difference! Nobody likes to walk across a floor & have stuff sticking to the bottoms of their feet!!!
9. Think about what you have to do today & get started!!!

That’s it! That’s my secret to how to get it all done in a days time! I really just do those two routines & it makes my life so much less chaotic!!! Throughout the day I also do a 2 minute tidy up where needed. It may seem like a lot, but really it doesn’t take long to get most of these things done & my BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL…..I don’t do anything for more than 15 minutes at a time! My timer is my very best friend!!!!

So there you have it! What do you do to get it all done in a days time?? Until next time, “Go Be The Spiced Up Wife In Your Hubby’s Life!!”



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