The Secret To Staying Connected With Your Teen!

img_2393 secret to staying connected with your teenAre your kids at that age where they seem consumed with their own little world of img_2449 the secret to staying connected with your teensocial media, video games, friends, romantic relationships, etc….and they don’t seem to have any time at all for Mom and/or Dad? You may find yourself wondering if there is a secret to staying connected with your teen and if so, what is it!

Good news, In having a 16 year old and 20 year old still at home, we have definitely dealt with this stage & have found this to be the secret to staying connected with your teen! So, here it is!!!

The Secret To Staying Connected With Your Teen:

  • LISTEN WHEN THEY TALK! When your teen talks about the little stuff going on in their lives, that you may not really be interested in, LISTEN ANYWAY! If you don’t listen to them about the things that are important to them, even when it’s really not important to you…I promise they won’t come talk to you about the stuff that you would find important!
  • EAT DINNER TOGETHER & SET A NEW RULE: NO ELECTRONIC DEVISES ALLOWED AT THE TABLE! Take a look at this article from USA Today on the benefits of family dinners and adolescents.
  • HAVE FUN WITH THEM! Joke around & cut up together, play fight, be silly & Don’t be so serious all the time! This will also teach them that it’s ok to lighten up enjoy the lighter side of life!
  • NEVER STOP TELLING THEM THAT YOU LOVE THEM! They are never to old to hear that their parents love them! Give them hugs & kisses…not in front of their friends, of course, you’re not trying to embarrass them, but you are trying to let them know that you love them no matter how old they get or what mistakes they might make!
  • GO HANG OUT WITH THEM IN THEIR ROOM! Go into their world. Tell them “I just wanted to come see what your up to & chill out with ya for little bit, is that ok!?” If your son is playing a video game, watch him play & ask questions or tell him how good he is at it. If your daughter is watching her favorite YouTube videos, watch them with her & talk about what you just watched! Be involved in their life!!
  • HAVE A MONTHLY ONE-ON-ONE DATE NIGHT WITH THEM!!!! Have a mom & son; mom & daughter; dad & daughter; dad & son date night and take them to their favorite place….let them pick!

This is what we have found to be the secret to staying connected with your teen is & what has worked for us! It has worked out very well for us! All of our kids come to us if they need to talk about something that is stressing them out as well as the latest fun thing they did!!  img_2441 secret to staying connected with your teen

img_1460 the secret to staying connected with your teen

I hope these tips will help you will become more connected with your teens & older kids! Please leave me a comment  on ways you stay connected with your teens and older kids! I’d love to hear them!

Until next time, Go be the Spiced Up Wife In your hubby’s life!… well as the Spiced Up Mom!!! 😉

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