19 Ways To Still Flirt With Him After Marriage!

img_2484 19 Ways To Still Flirt With Him After MarriageHas the flirting stopped since you’ve gotten married? In order to keep that flame burning hot & bright, flirting is a MUST!! If the flirting is gone from your marriage you’re definitely at the right place! I’m gonna share with you 19 Ways To Still Flirt With Him After Marriage! If he’s not flirting with you, I’ll bet ya he will be once you start doing some of these things!

19 Ways To Still Flirt With Him After Marriage:

  1. Send him sexy text messages throughout the day! 
  2. Wink at him from across the room! 
  3. Give him a sweet & sexy smile when you catch him looking at you!
  4. Grab or pinch his butt as you walk past him! 
  5. Pick a word, don’t tell him what it is, kiss him each time he says it….see if he figures it out! 
  6. Give him a passionate kiss that doesn’t lead to sex! (Until maybe later on…wink wink!)
  7. Where a sexy outfit that accents his favorite parts of you! 
  8. Start a watergun fight! 
  9. Be silly with him! Smooch all over his face and/or neck like 100 times real fast! Lol
  10. Blow him kisses! 
  11. Flash him…but you probably want to make sure to do this one when no one is around, lol!
  12. Just start dancing in front of him out of the blue! Doesn’t have to be sexual, just have fun & dance! 
  13. Make dinner for him in nothing but an apron and high heel shoes! 
  14. Leave him a steamy message in the bathroom mirror to find when he gets out of the shower! 
  15. Put some lipstick on and kiss a note you put in his car for him to find when he leaves! 
  16. Send him a sexy pic of you! FOR HIS EYES ONLY! 
  17. Write a love note to him on the mirror with lipstick! 
  18. Act like a teenager in love again!  Lean over and kiss him at stop signs & lights!
  19. Play with him! Play fight! Tickle fight, pillow fight, water gun fight.. have FUN FIGHTS!
  20. *BONUS*   Carve your love into a tree in your yard! 

Ok that should get you started! For more ideas on ways to still flirt with him after marriage, check out 101 ways to flirt with your spouse over at The Dating Divas! They’re absolutely amazing over there & they have a whole website dedicated to date night ideas & so much more! If you liked this, you should also check out some of my others posts, such as How To Be His Spiced Up Wife! 

I hope you all have a lot of fun with these ideas! I’d love to hear how it went! Comment below to tell me all about it!

Until next time, Go be the “Spiced Up Wife” in your hubby’s life!



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