Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Spouse This Year!

christmas traditions to start with your spouse this yearMerry Christmas My Friends!! Yup, it’s that wonderful time of year again! Do you have any traditions that you & your spouse celebrate during this time of the year? If not, you should! The best news is that it’s never to late to start and you are in the perfect place to get started too! I am going to share with you my Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Spouse This Year!

What’s so great & important about having Christmas traditions anyway? 

Having Christmas traditions that you celebrate each year make memories that last a lifetime, as well as it teaches your children that having Christmas traditions with your spouse is important too and they can carry it on  into their marriages for generations to come! They will also bring the two of you closer together during this wonderful season! Not to mention, they’re super FUN!

So, Let’s get these traditions started!!

Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Spouse This Year!

  1. Hang Christmas Lights Together… Crank up some Christmas Tunes and get outside. String up the lights and don’t forget to take some cute pics with the two of you playing in those lights!
  2. Make or buy a special Christmas ornament to celebrate the two of you & your love for one another! … Make or buy an ornament with the year the two of you got together or got married. Or how about an ornament that says “Decking the Halls Since 2000” (replace 2000 with your year).
  3. Go to a Christmas Play….Do a google search or check your local newspaper for Christmas plays in your area.
  4. Fill each other’s stockings! Fill each others stockings with all of their favorite things! Dollar tree can even be a great place to get stocking stuffers if you are tight on cash this season!
  5. Go to your community’s “Christmas Tree Lighting”…again, you can find out when and where this happens in your local newspaper or by searching online.
  6. Do a “Random Act of Kindness” for someone in need to make sure they too can enjoy this “wonderful time of the year”! Pay for someone’s meal, collect and hand out “coats for kids”, donate money to a charity such as the woman/man ringing the bell for salvation army out in front of stores.
  7. Make a pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the Christmas tree and snuggle up with your man with some hot chocolate and some softly playing Christmas music!
  8. Kiss under a mistletoe!
  9. Drive around town looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights & decorations!….Grab a cup of Starbucks or bring a thermos of hot chocolate, a bag of marshmallows, and two mugs to enjoy while you drive around. Also, don’t forget to play Christmas music too!
  10. Go Christmas shopping together! …have fun picking out the best gift for your loved ones together!
  11. Wrap those Christmas gifts together! …. Help each other wrap up those gifts and as a bonus fun tip while wrapping those gifts why not take a wrapping paper tube and have a “fun fight” with them!
  12. Buy each other some sexy holiday “underwear”!….Buy him some sexy holiday boxers and he could get you some of that sexy holiday lingerie that seems to be in all the stores right now and then have some sexy holiday fun together!
  13. Bake Christmas cookies!…. Bake some sugar cookies and buy some icing & holiday cookie cutters and decorate those “suckers” up! mmm’ yummy!!!
  14. Start a “snowball” fight! Even if it doesn’t snow in your area (such as in my area in Tx) you can still have some “snowball fighting” fun by making these cool “snowballs” that you can even play inside! Check out these cool diy snowballs and free printables!
  15. Have a Christmas photo shoot done of the two of you! Have a friend or even your teenager take cute Christmas pics of the two of you! Pinterest has tons of cute ideas for these photo shoots!

So, there you have it! I hope you will enjoy starting some of these Christmas traditions with your spouse this year! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas during this “wonderful time of the year”! Until next time my friends, Go be the “Spiced Up Wife” in your hubby’s life!






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